Glenorchy Conservation Area is a group of land parcels on either side of Highway 407 where it cuts through Oakville, Ontario. These lands are managed by Halton Conservation, one of Ontario's 36 conservation authorities.

I've been working in Glenorchy since May, 2022, as part of a partnership with Conservation Halton. We're exploring how photography can be used to help people connect better to the issues and challenges Halton Conservation deals with on a daily basis. In Glenorchy, these challenges relate to water quality, flooding and erosion, recreational use (legal and illegal), habitat, and invasive species, to name a few.

The images in this collection are a small part of that body of work. I've created these galleries to showcase some of the new work I'm producing through this partnership -- which is one of several partnerships based on a mutual interest in bringing art and science together through photography.

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