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About Me

I'm an amateur photographer in Guelph, Canada. Black and white photography is my creative passion. I learned photography in the late 1980s on film, shooting black and white with small, medium and large format cameras.

Film still has its place today. However, digital technologies have created exciting new artistic possibilities for black and white photographers. I transitioned completely to digital photography in 2014.

One of the changes during the past decade I'm most excited about is carbon-based monochrome inkjet printing. Using carbon inks, it's now possible to make rich and subtle black and white prints on matte cotton paper. These prints aren’t trying to duplicate the look of silver gelatin prints. Instead, they're a new way of making fine art photographic prints. For me, the process of image making ends with a carbon inkjet print, ideally framed under glass, rather than a posting on the web. There's more information about the printing technique I use on the "Carbon Inkjet Prints" page of this site.

The images I'm showing here will give you a sense for my style and the kinds of photographs I like to make. I look for tones, textures, shapes patterns, lines and forms that are suited to monochrome images. I find these in nature and in built environments. I love small details, whether in nature or in human artifacts. You don't have to travel to exotic locations to make photographs that have these qualities. They're all around us.

Rob de Loë
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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